Free Xbox Live

Here's the guide to getting your Free Xbox Live Gold Membership codes.

Step 1: Registration
-First sign up here!
I recommend you make a new gmail email address and register with that one.

STEP 2: Doing Offers (Surveys) for points
- Offers are basically surveys. Each survey you do gets you a certain amount of points, and the surveys are free. You need to get 8 points fron doing offers. To do offers, go to "Offers" then click "Free Offers". Here are 4 quick offers that you can do:

  1. Betty Crocker
  2. $250 Grocery Gift Card
  3. IOG: Smartphone
  4. ArcaMax - Daily Jokes

STEP 3: Getting your "prize"
- First, you need to make sure you have the amount of points that you need. When you have 8 points, go to the "REWARDS" tab, and you're already on the 360 rewards page. Then just click the 5th page, and click "request" next to the "Xbox 360 Live 1 Month Gold Card". You will then be emailed the code in 1 - 3 days. It's that easy. This is repeatable too. Look around the rewards pages for you want, so you know how much points you should get.